This was a collaborative project completely designed and developed by myself, Luciano Pommella and Garth Douglas.

The Campaign

  • broadcast
  • interactive

The Campaign is a Transmedia program that is part reality-TV and scripted First-Person-Shooter. The story unfolds across episodic TV broadcast, online webisodes, and RPG style responsive web-content.

The Game: A simulated battle competition between two teams vying for control of the battlefield.

The Competitors: Airsoft game players from all over North America.

Each team of eight will be similarly equipped, with weaponry, garb and ancillary supplies. A Team will be considered defeated when:
- All members are “dead”
- It fails to complete the objective within the allotted time; the opposing team completes the objective.
- Once a player is dead, that's it - he cannot be resurrected.This applies to players throughout the series. Just as in real combat players on winning teams must be replaced.

“Field-Reporters” will be imbedded with each team and provide running commentary about play-action on the field.