The sole-survivor of a failed deep-space terraforming mission is marooned on a desolate uncharted moon. Having lost everything, including hope and any chance for redemption – he discovers something hauntingly familiar. But, how did it get there?


  • cinema
  • interactive

Oval is a comic book -- distributed as both a traditional bound publication and as a gestural-guided-view rich-media document -- that means it contains animated sequences and panels that react to things like the readers touch and the physical orientation of the device used to view the book. It is the Intellectual Property I have developed as part of a major Applied Project for the Master of Digital Media degree I am currently pursuing from Ryerson University.

My graduate research focuses on transmedia publishing in a convergent media culture - in particular the collision between familiar, still very much useful and vibrant traditional media and ever evolving digital media, whereby my research and findings culminate in the development of a commercial publishing company that produces traditional and digital graphic novels; a proprietary gestural-guided-view technology for the dissemination and consumption of the books with a focus on advancing user-data technologies to ensure ethical and more-meaningful relationships with readers.