2-minute webisode

“viral” videos that preceeded the toy’s launch

the 30s TVC


  • commercial
  • interactive

Though this stuff was made quite a while back - it was the first time I contributed to a project with a bona-fide TRANSMEDIA narrative - different aspects of the rather elaborate story are told through many different channels, for example: "crowd-sourced" UFO spotting videos, "intercepted" transmissions from humanoids on other planets, comic books, action figures, online games, animated webisodes and TV commercials.

All of these channels give different points-of-entry into the NEOshifters' narrative, giving us the opportunity to present unique pieces of the story as best suited to a particular medium -- drawing kids, fans and toy-lovers to actively participate in the NEOshifters' universe.

Client: Mega Blocks
Production: The Garden
Visual Effects: Skuad