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How Safe Can You Be? » WSIB

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  • interactive

I was super thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to another round of interactive spots for The WSIB. This time – the idea was to AVOID the catastrophic by increasing the degrees of “safety” for the character in the spot – even to the point of absurdity.

Much like the previous year – the video content requires active participation from the user. In order to engage the audience they are asked to move the interface across the screen, effectively adding more and more layers of safety equipment to our hero.

Of course they can choose to add or take away the equipment at ANY point in the video, which certainly adds a degree of complexity to how we make the content and how it will work once integrated into the online experience.

Like any successful interactive rich-media experience the key creators have to join the project early and begin collaborating right away – that means not only the agency creatives, but also the director, vfx artists and developer.

Director / Editor: Nick Goso
Producer: Marc Juliar
Agency: DraftFCB
Creative Director: Steve DiLorenzo
DOP: Chris Mably
Post: Patron Saint, 4Stroke & Alter Ego
Sound: Boombox