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Bobo » Immersive Gallery Experience

  • cinema
  • interactive

In this installation, post modernism meets Victorian cyber-punk with a touch of Pagliacci. An old and weary traveler named BoBo has transcended time and space to appear before you, trapped in a magic mirror hanging in a mysterious circus tent. After his frenetic display, you emerge from the booth into the gallery space to see a curious transformation has taken place that involves you -- the gallery patron, becoming a part of unique and unexpected art experience. “ – Pixel Gallery

This Pixel Gallery curated installation was at the Resistor Gallery in Toronto for the month of March, where gallery patrons having their likeness capture by Bobo, appear displayed in the gallery -- ONLY their faces replaced with various animated renderings of clown-heads.

A collaborative project, featuring work from the likes Niko Stumpo and GMUNK - I’d surely forget some if I tried to mention them all – but for my part Steve DiLorenzo, Demi K, SPY Films and of course, Charles Mayer as Bobo really brought it, and ensured the projects success.