This is a linear version of the video.

my front-end design for the microsite and interactive screening-room.
some photos I took as design reference and as texture assets.
me giving direction through interpretive dance as Matt looks on in disbelief.
Gus, Matt and Maya.
Gus and I waiting to see who would be the first to give in to the couch on one of the many all-nighters.

Acid Bubble » Alice In Chains

  • broadcast
  • interactive

Getting creepy with Alice In Chains.

I was asked to create an interactive video experience for the track Acid Bubble, so we created the view from inside a caustic womb as a 360° interactive space where users click-and-drag to manipulate their perspective and experience in this genuinely creepy environment.

Designed and produced in just six weeks the piece delivers a powerful, gruesome and at times, psychedelic journey to a world unknown.

We also contributed footage that was incorporated into the stage show for Alice In Chains' 2010/2011 BlackDiamondSkye World Tour with The Deftones and Masotodon.