Having spent over a decade designing for film, commercial advertising and broadcast television in Canada and Europe, I was an early adopter of digital film making and interactive storytelling. My work has been broadcast across Canada, The US and western Europe as well as international film festivals in every continent but Antarctica, winning awards for dramatic, documentary and commercial output.

Currently, I’m the Creative Director at THE JUGGERNAUT, a boutique Production, Design and Animation studio in Toronto, where my and passion and creativity translates concept to execution and pre-production to post. I lead teams of advertising creatives, visual effects artists, filmmakers and interactive developers, knowing that the best results are born from creative collaboration, and that just because itʼs digital – doesnʼt mean you canʼt maintain the craft.

I bring enthusiasm and strategic insight to each job, establishing creative directions that lead others to do the same. I examine each+- project’s objectives from multiple angles, striving to arrive at original, smart solutions that exceed expectations every time.